Turbine - Lost wax casting


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Lin Chiao's Turbine - Lost wax casting | Investment Casting Services

LIN CHIAO CASTING CO., LTD. is an investment casting | Turbine - Lost wax casting manufacturer based in Taiwan. They've been supplying precision casting products, including Valve, Pump, Flange, Impeller, Pipe Fitting, Mobile Parts, Marine Parts, Machine Parts and OEM products made from Stainless Steel, Carbon steel and Special Alloy. since 1988.

With advanced casting techniques and 24 years of experience, Lin Chiao is capable of manufacturing complex components and providing fine services in order to meet your requirements.

Turbine - Lost wax casting

Turbine - Lost wax investment casting

Turbine -  lost wax investment casting
Turbine - lost wax investment casting

Lin Chiao welcome you to view all our high quality lost wax casting Turbine.