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The Equipments in Lin Chiao

01Wax Reclamation Vat & Static Containing Vat
02Turntable Type Wax Pattern Injection Machine
High Pressure Single-head Wax Injection Machine
Wax Sprue Injection Machine
Standard Wax Injection Machine
Soluble Wax Injection Machine
03Wax Pattern Automatic Conveying System from Wax Pattern Modification Process, Wax Pattern Cleaning to Dipping Process
04Fluid Dipping Vat
05Sand Fluidizer Bed Collector Vat
06Automatic Conveying System for Dipping Process
07Stem De-waxing Machine
08Fully-Automatic High-Speed Wax Reclamation and Conveying System
09Sintering Furnace
10High Frequency Melting Furnace (Capacity: 150kgs/120kgs)
11Shell Mold Remover
12Cutting Machine
13Polishing and Grinding Machine
14Automatic Pickling Processing Setup
15Welding Machine
16Roller Type Sand Blasting Machine
Platform Type Sand Blasting Machine
Close Type Small Sand Blasting Machine
17Chemical Analyser
18Hydraulic Pressure Machine
Precision Lost Wax Investment Casting
Universal Testing Machine
  • Max. Production Dimension: 50cm x 50xm x 50xm
  • Max. Production Weight: 50kgs
  • Min. Casting Dimension Tolerance: ±0.3mm