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Product Flow Chart

Casting Process

Step 1. Investment Casting Engineering Team - Cast-Friendly Design
LIN CHIAO's 24-years of alloy casting experience allow them to come up with innovative solutions to provide an accurate and versatile investment casting process.Patterm design and manufacture
Step 2. Wax Pattern / Wax Injection Condition, Time and Stability
When injecting wax into the mold, the wax pouring pressure (7~12kg/cm2 or 50 kg/cm2), pre-heat mold temperature, wax injection time and temperature, wax pattern injection room temperature and the mold cooling method after wax is injected are the important factors for the wax injection process. Water Soluble was is also applied during casting process.Wax Injecion
Step 3. Wax Pattern Assembly
Wax pattern is removed from the mold, staff would remove the burrs on the wax pattern and make sure the surface is clear.Wax Pattern Assembly
Step 4. Shell Making of Investment Casting Process - Dipping
Ceramic shell is a combination of ceramic slurry, which contains colloidal silica, alumina, stucco, etc. The tree is dipped in the ceramic slurry for the suitable thickness.Dipping into ceramic slurry
Step 5. Sand Coating
Sand coating takes about three days to finish the whole process between the drying time and procedures.Stuccoing
Step 6. Dewaxing
Was is removed after the coating is done.Dewaxing
Step 7. Shell Mold Firing
Investment casting molds are fired in an oven at 1800 degrees Fahrenheit using steam to remove any volatiles.Sintering
Step 8. Molten Metal Pouring
The liquid metal is poured in an investment casting shell; time and temperature are important factors for this step.Pouring
Step 9. Shell Removal
Shell Knockout Using Shaking MachineSheel Removal
Step 10. Tree Removal
Individual casting product is removed from the tree.Gates Cutting
Step 11. Casting Product Finishing
Burr free treatment, polishing and grinding.Gates dressed off and surface finishing
Step 12. QC
Every casting product is tested by various of test machines to ensure its quality.Quality inspection
Step 13. Delivery
QC Passed -> DeliveryDelivery