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LIN CHIAO CASTING CO., LTD. was established in 1988, and has enjoyed an excellent reputation as a Professional manufacturer of Vales, Pumps, Impeller and turbine, Pipe fittings, Manifolds, Auto mobile parts, Marine Parts, General Parts, Machine Parts, OEM products.


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Lin Chiao's Investment Casting Services

LIN CHIAO CASTING CO., LTD. is an investment casting | lost wax casting manufacturer based in Taiwan. They've been supplying precision casting products, including Valve, Pump, Flange, Impeller, Pipe Fitting, Mobile Parts, Marine Parts, Machine Parts and OEM products made from Stainless Steel, Carbon steel and Special Alloy. since 1988.

With advanced casting techniques and 24 years of experience, Lin Chiao is capable of manufacturing complex components and providing fine services in order to meet your requirements.

Company Profile

LIN CHIAO - OEM in precision lost wax investment casting.

OEM in precision lost wax investment casting.

Precision lost wax investment casting is one of contemporary casting method. This method provides tight dimension tolerances and offers "Near Net-shapes" which can saves mass material wasting in machining. It is not only suit for applying small but also mass batch product.

Lin Chiao Casting Co. Ltd. was established in 1988. We are expert for OEM in precision lost wax investment casting. Our products are applied in various valves and pumps, pipe fittings, automobile parts, marine parts, machine and pneumatic tool parts etc. The majority products materials are stainless steel, carbon steel and special alloys. The maximal monthly production is 60 tons.

For the quality control system, we have outstanding R&D engineers plus contemporary computer software to setup the casting method which can shorten our sample testing and enhance our capability to solve the casting problems. We also apply checking points and QC checking system to make sure our products accord with clients requirements. In addition, our subcontractor such as mold vender, heat treatment company, machining vendor and inspection company are evaluated by our ISO-9001 requirement. We have confidence we can satisfy any requirement from our clients.

"Keep Creating" is our faith and "Quality Assurance" is our promise to clients. We are honor to provide customers the outstanding products with our sincere service. We wish we can keep growing with our clients and create a win-win position in the world market.

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Precision Lost Wax Investment Casting